Lyrics in the description!


Hope you guys dig this, Kanye is a huge inspiration and it's very special for me to remix his song, and to turn the lyrics into a song about friendship.


MalikJayy puts on the beat that he's been working on & then I immediately grab the guitar.

Harmony unfolds...

I start by trying to see what sounds work well with his beat, and then pull some strings of notes along to get a few basic riffs.

I then feel a sense of creativity & expression as the sounds burst through me & put together some more notes of a solo.

This is one of the greatest musical moments I've experienced!!!


This is a freestyle rap session me and J.Cliffs got into one morning. J.Cliffs found his official rap/producer name here, stick around till the end to see how it unfolds!


My girlfriend and I both love listening to Roy Woods so I decided to use my singing skills to cover the song! The hook of the song really hits on our love and understanding for each other so this was a present for her on Valentine's Day.


In this video I start from a beat I made, then I take down some notes on some topics that come to mind when I heard the beat, and then put the ideas together to write the lyrics. Through a series of vocal scatting the verse, the words begin to form and then I finalize the video with a chorus.


These are some Snapchat freestyle snippets from 2017 that I put together so that I could review these and possibly use some of the material for future songs. I also wanted to let you in on this process of how I make songs, these were meant for ideas and I hope you enjoy!!


Hope y'all enjoy this song that I produced myself😊 BIG dreams all take a lot of time and effort and patience. Growth in career, business, spirituality, all take massive amount of time. It seems like times running out and you gotta hurry but really there's so much more to go...