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An artist & producer, OpVious, from Pennsylvania, offers deep, colorful lyrics and beats that blend together into an atmosphere of reflection. The world isn't exactly what it seems and these projects underscore the importance of being aware of this understanding.


Tuning Into Paradise II: Love Beyond Dreams

Tuning Into Paradise

Project(s) note:

I just know that it's important that we all stay conscious of our decisions and our environment because there's so much underneath it all. I learned and experienced how our thoughts can manifest reality and I think it's vital that we be mindful of this so we can spread more love and affect people around us more positively. Our brains are like radio receivers and in "Tuning into Paradise," I wanted to express how our frequencies can align with anything we are aiming for to ultimately make it reality. We can really do whatever we want, so all you need to do is tune to what serves you. I hope you guys enjoy this project and BIG thank you to all my friends and family for being there for me through this whole process! I love you all! -OpVious

Team Member: BizMark - Through the Broken Glass