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Own Ambitions

“Own Ambitions” (feat. Kyle Bent) Prod. by Opvious

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Click the photo to go to the Instagram post!

the story

Driven by my message to spread how everyone is completely unique in their own perspective, I wrote this song, “Own Ambitions” ft. Kyle Bent. 🎶

I want to let people know that they need to appreciate themselves and embrace their journey without judgment.

It caused me terrible anxiety when I would compare myself with others and feel like I was so far behind everyone else.

Everyone is born with a different set of DNA & has grown up in a different environment.

I realized how everyone has such a different perspective and story, so I can’t judge them or myself because there’s so much that I don’t even know about them.

I knew I had to chase my own dreams and be my own best friend along the process.

Learning to stop comparing myself with others is something that has helped me be more empathetic and compassionate towards others.

When you get rid of the comparisons with others then you will be more selfless & want to be more supportive of everyone.

Being happy for others is what will ultimately raise the frequency of the planet.

Let’s just spread love and help eachother grow. 🙏❤